Accessories for Universal Testing Machines

As variable and individual as the test jobs are, is also the range of accessories we offer. To equip your testing system to realize the given task, we offer an almost inexhaustible scope of standard accessories.

Second hand accessories for universal testing machines

Mechanical Fixture

Fixture grips – mechanical, pneumatic

Grip, clamp, hold - from coarse to filigree

For metal tensile testing, beyond the wide range of clamping systems mechanical wedge type grips are used frequently. Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH offers these holding fixtures up to a load of 400 kN. A notable highlight is the integrated adaptation system for compression plates, bending benches, power analysers and so on. A time consuming change of the test equipment during changing setting of tasks is avoided thereby.

Hydraulic Fixture

Fixture grips – hydraulic

The safe push-button grip - convenient and unbelievably strong

Fast and slide-safe tensile tests according to national and international standards, on worked and non-worked flat and round test pieces of metallic and nonmetallic materials of all tensile strengths. Suitable for sheet, plate, rod, section, strip, straight and curved wire, wire ropes, lace, cables, round and flat test pieces, round and section pipe, technical textiles, fleece, plastics, rubber, leather, compound materials, fabric, grates.  

High temperature furnace

High temperature furnaces

Material testing up to 1600°C

The further development of high temperature materials, as used in the construction of turbines or boilers for power stations or for aircraft engines, is a central focus of material research.

Temperature & climate chambers

Temperature & climate chambers

Temperature & climate chambers - warmer, colder, moisture

Temperature and climate chambers provide the possibility of material and component testing under defined environmental conditions. The simulation of temperature and humidity whilst applying distinctive loads to the specimen is of great importance in material research, developing new materials and also for industrial quality assessment.

Video extensometer on a universal testing machine of the type Inspekt

Optical Extensometers - Video extensometer

Deformation measurement by video extensometer

Measurements with the video extensometer track measuring marks applied to the sample surface. The video extensometer is ideal for samples that are very sensitive to indentations and thus induced cracks. It is used for tensile and compression tests on all types of plastics, metals, rubber and composite materials.

Mechanical Fixture


From manual to fully automated - extensometers for material testing

Manual clip-on extensometers for fine extension measurement (E-modulus, Rp) or long-distance extensometers for fine and coarse extension measurement (E- modulus, Rp, A). The user can choose among manual or automatic opening and closing of measurement arms. From the E-modulus up to specimen fracture all elongation values can be recorded.

SWS-300 Laser extensometer

Optical extensometers - Laser extensometer

Deformation measurement with the laser extensometer

The non-contact linear expansion measurement allows the automatic determination of the initial gauge length (L0). The optical system does not influence the measurement with knife edges or its own weight. Laser and video extensometers are used. 

The laser extensometer is used for non-contact measurement of strain or compression of test specimens under uniaxial load. Two measuring marks are applied to the sample before the test. The laser extensometer scans the measuring range with a visible laser beam and automatically determines the reference length. The positions of the measuring marks are recorded throughout the test. The software calculates the length change and elongation from the temporal progression.

Safety doors

Safety devices

Safe and practical

Each machine model of the INSPEKT series can be equipped with a transparent Makrolon safety door. It is possible to slide the door to the left or to the right side. It exists the possibility to select between manual handling or electrical locking system. An electronic status monitoring provides an indication to the software program, whether the safety door is open or closed. The software program sets, whether the system is operative or blocked. The industrial safety door inquiry is disengageable with a key switch.

Changing device for the integration of a high temperature kiln and one long travel extensomter into the test room

Changing devices

for the integration of different components into the test room

By using the changing device with linear roll guides the changeover times for the realization of different testing tasks at one machine can be reduced to a minimum. The accessory equipment can be moved uncomplicatedly, safely and manual easily into the test room. Equipment, which is currently not used, is placed in parking positions behind the testing machine. The changing device is e. g. suitable for different high temperature kilns, extensometers or temperature and climatic chambers.



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