Hardness Test Benches

Automated hardness tester for car and truck rims

Automated hardness tester for car and truck rims

Brinell hardness testing (HBT) according to DIN EN ISO 6506

The hardness tester for rims is an electromechanic special hardness tester, that is specialised for rim testing. The test frame divides in samples table, guidance device with load device followed from the test head.


  • fully automated rim hardness tester, for example for the use in robot-supported assembly lines
  • applicable for light metal rims up to a diameter of 24''
  • cycle times of 30s/60s (amplified/standard) feasible
Portal hardness testing device for Rockwell hardness testing at large and heavy elements

Portal hardness testing device with ball caster table

Rockwell hardness testing at large and heavy elements

The testing portal is used for the hardness testing based on the Rockwell method HRC according to DIN EN ISO 6508 at large and heavy elements. The machine frame is built as a portal with a clear width of 1360mm and a clear height of 1000mm above the ball caster table, so that components up to a maximum width of about 1200mm and a maximum height of about 900mm can be crossed and tested. The minimal height of the specimen is 100mm.


robot-based hardness testing station

Brinell hardness testing station for components and finished products

Hardness testing in combination with robot technology

Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH has developed a robot-based hardness testing station which can be used to fully automatically test the Brinell hardness of components and finished products. The fully automated hardness testing centre gives new impetus to industrial quality assurance as it offers high test speeds and evaluation independent of the user as well as automatic registration of the test results. If required, the entire production series can be thoroughly tested without the results having to be manually evaluated.

Rockwell Hardness Test Bench for crankshafts

Automatic Hardness Testing on crankshafts

This hardness test bench for crankshafts is a especially for this case constructed machine using a Rockwell- testing head. Clamping and unclamping as well as the positioning of the test piece are manually operated. The positioning as well as the clamping of the test gripper (with hardness test head) happens motorised due to operating the corresponding controls and sensors.

Hardness Tester for Jominy-Testing

Hardness Tester for Jominy-Testing

Automated Hardness Tester AT200 for Jominy-Testings at up to 6 samples

This hardness tester for evaluation of Jominy-tests is an automated system composed of the following described components:

Hardness testing equipment for crankshafts

Automotives - hardness testing

Hardness testing equipment for crankshafts

The Rockwell hardness testing equipment for crankshafts is a device designed particularly for this application purpose using a Rockwell measuring head of the company ERNST.

Cam shaft test bench

Crank shaft test bench

Crank shaft test bench

Hegewald & Peschke Meß- und Prüftechnik GmbH has provided automotive suppliers with further hardness testing systems for determining the surface hardness of automotive crank shafts and cam shafts.

Automatic hardness tester – 500N

Automatic hardness tester – 500N

500N automatic hardness tester for circular blanks

Sample parameters

  • Circular blanks  Ø14 to Ø36 mm with edge heights of 1.0 to 3.0 mm
  • Weights of the circular blanks from 1 g to 15 g
  • Sample material ranging from homogeneous to multi-layer material compositions with electroplated coatings  
  • Sample surface of Al, Cu, Ni, Ag, Au, St with surface structures ranging from matt to high gloss 

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