Weidmüller tests with Hegewald & Peschke

Universal testing machine Inspekt solo experiences successful market launch

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Universal testing machine Inspekt solo 2,5 kN

The recently newly developed Inspekt solo 2.5 kN for standard-compliant material and component testing in the low load range enjoys great popularity similar to its predecessor Inspekt mini 3 kN. One of the first testing machines delivered for the low load range in the so-called "S variant" - with the smallest possible test chamber height - went to Weidmüller Interface, which already has a large number of Hegewald & Peschke testing machines in operation.

Weidmüller Interface's main business areas are products, solutions and services in the field of electronics and electrical connectivity, which are used in mechanical engineering, the process industry, equipment manufacturers, the energy sector and traffic engineering.

Weidmüller Interface in Detmold was one of the first customers to receive an Inspekt mini 3kN in 2000. The new Inspekt Solo serves as a replacement for this still fully functional Inspekt mini 3 kN, which has now been taken back in exchange.

The background for the further development of the Inspekt mini 3 kN was the aim to benefit from new technological possibilities in order to better reflect the wide range of requirements for this machine series. With the Inspekt solo 2.5 kN, tensile, compression and bending tests can be carried out on various materials such as wires, foams, elastomers, plastics, paper, cardboard, textiles and foodstuffs in addition to cyclic testing of electronic components such as plugs and switches.

The test software LabMaster enables a fast and reliable evaluation of the results.


Safe test results: