Testing system for forming technology

Kollmeder Schmiede- und Presswerk tests with Hegewald & Peschke

Universal testing machine for high temperature tests on thread specimens

Universal testing machine inspekt 250 kN with furnace and high temperature extensometer for material tests on thread specimen

The company Kollmeder Schmiede- und Presswerk GmbH & Co.KG in Ergolding, a leading company in forging technology, produces forged parts, seamless rolled rings as well as forged welds and perforated discs for machine, gear and apparatus construction.

In addition to these classic areas of application, forming technology is gaining in importance as a technology for e-mobility. This requires structural adjustments in forming technology as well as in the entire automotive supplier industry. Electric motors and their drive trains offer the potential for innovative components that can be produced using the massive forming process.

The test system delivered by Hegewald & Peschke to Kollmeder Schmiede- und Presswerk serves, among other things, to carry out high-temperature tensile tests and comprises a universal testing machine inspekt 250 kN, a high-temperature furnace up to 1,000°C and a high-temperature strain gauge. The furnace was equipped with three control thermocouples as well as a thermocouple for sample measurement. The customer thermocouple was integrated into the LabMaster software as a measuring channel via Almemo. The material testing software LabMaster was equipped with the additional module SteadyRise.

The SteadyRise software is designed for the performance, monitoring and documentation of heat treatment processes. The temperature controllers are directly connected to the software via the supplied hardware interface. Several furnaces and climatic chambers can be managed with the software.


Safe test results: