Test system for the classic metal tensile test

Polish metal manufacturer BHH Mikrohuta relies on testing technology from Hegewald & Peschke

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Universal testing machine Inspekt table 100kN for the testing of stainless steel

BHH Mikrohuta which is in Valbruna Group, Polish steel and metal manufacturer, has purchased a Hegewald & Peschke Inspekt table 100 kN universal testing machine with the appropriate equipment for its testing laboratory to determine the material characteristics of various metal samples.

In addition to the universal testing machine, the testing system includes a 100kN wedge screw clamp, a second load cell (500 N), adapters, compression plates and a MFX200 long-stroke extensometer.
The test system is equipped with a safety door for safe operation.

With the test system tensile and compression tests according to ISO 6892 can be carried out on metal wires and metal rods. The MFX 200 automatic long-stroke extensometer is used to determine the modulus of elasticity during tensile tests.

The 100 kN load cell and the 100 kN wedge screw clamp are intended for the classical metal tensile test. Wire specimens are tested with the smaller 500 N loadcell and the wrap-around fixture, which can be adapted to the wedge screw fixture.

The adapter plates supplied also offer the possibility of adapting the wrap-around fixture directly to the wedge screw fixture, so that even stronger wires up to 5 kN can be tested.


Safe test results: