Quality control of PET strapping bands

Fromm Plastics tests with Hegewald & Peschke

Material testing machine inspekt table 20kN by Hegewald and Peschke for plastic tensile tests

Universal testing machine inspekt table 20kN for testing geosynthetics

Fromm Plastics GmbH is the largest producer of polyester (PET) plastic strapping and AirpadTM polyethylene film within the FROMM Group.

The manufacturing process is accompanied by continuous quality control. For example, FROMM Plastics GmbH has an application centre and an air conditioning system with which different strapping applications can be simulated and the strapping behaviour can be tested under different climatic conditions.

During the production of PET strapping, the PET material, colour and other additives are mixed according to specified parameters and then melted. After extrusion, the PET melt is pressed through multi-slot nozzles. The resulting raw strips are cooled. The raw strips are then given their specified dimensions, tensile strength and elongation.

During the final inspection of the PET strip, the conformity of the product properties with the expected values is checked.

This test centre was equipped by Fromm Plastics with a universal testing machine inspekt table 20kN from Hegewald & Peschke. The test system includes a hydraulic power unit and a hydraulic clamping device that enables tensile testing of geosynthetics according to ISO10319 up to specimen widths of 110mm. The test sequence and evaluation of the test results are carried out by the test software LabMaster


Safe test results: