Load tests on contact elements

Hegewald & Peschke supplies testing machine to Siemens China

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Testing machine Inspekt 20kN with special device for shear tests on contact elements

The testing machine for the Siemens plant in Suzhou/China is a universal testing machine Inspekt table blue 20kN with a special device for shearing tests on contacts. Hegewald & Peschke already has several testing machines of the same type in operation at Siemens.

The shearing device was specially designed for Siemens in 2007 and meets the special requirements of the customer. The use of this special tool enables shear-off tests to be carried out on components with different geometries.

The shear tests are used to determine whether the solder contacts between the switching contact and the component can withstand certain stresses. In practice, these contacts are exposed to high loads because they often have to maintain their properties over millions of switching cycles. In the shear test, the component to be tested is clamped in a specially developed shearing device and subjected to a constantly increasing shearing force until the switching contact is sheared off. 

The shear tests are carried out on a random sample basis during production.

The optimal determination and evaluation of the test results is ensured by the test software LabMaster.


Safe test results: