Innovative testing system for material tests on carbon fibres

Textiltechnikum at Hof University of Applied Sciences opts for testing technology from Hegewald & Peschke

Material testing machine for carbon fibres, CFRP, fibre composites, fibre-reinforced composites, fibre materials

Universal testing machine inspekt table 100 kN for material tests on carbon fibres

During tensile, shear and bending tests on CFRP materials, very small fibres and particles dissolve when the specimen breaks. These are a danger to humans and electronics. In humans, they can settle in the lungs as nanoparticles. On electronic circuit boards, the fibers can cause a short circuit and thus lead to the failure of control systems.

Hegewald & Peschke could convince in the context of a tender of the university Hof with its test technology, because apart from a test machine inspekt table 100kN with various clamping devices for a broad application spectrum within the range of the examination of composite materials also an innovative exhaust of the test area was offered. The control electronics and the PC are enclosed with protection class IP 67.

The test facility is thus part of the newly built textile pilot plant on the Münchberg campus, which researches the production of nonwovens and the processing and testing of high-performance fibres.


Safe test results: