Solo for testing machine

First testing machine of the new testing machine generation Inspekt solo delivered

Testing machine Inspekt 2.5kN for the low load range

The company ADZ Nagano, manufacturer for sensor technology, is the receiver of the first Inspekt solo. The Inspekt solo for test forces up to 2.5 kN is a further development of the extremely successful Inspekt mini series from Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH for standard-compliant material and component testing in the low load range. It is available in three different application-optimised test chamber heights. 

Technological innovations

Instead of DC motors, for example, a new drive concept was developed with stepper motors that function brushless and are therefore not subject to wear. Compared to its predecessor, numerous improvements have been implemented: Thanks to the brushless motor without gear transmission, noise levels have been significantly reduced. The previous bellows have been replaced by a fixed sheet metal cover for the column and can thus be transported more easily. Separate limit switches are available for the "top" and "bottom" positions. For optimum machine alignment, the new inspekt solo has corresponding adjustable feet.

Possible special future applications have been taken into consideration. So the Inspekt solo is prepared for use with safety doors. It can also be operated with an extensometer for elongation at break on plastics. The own electronics housing can be extended for different equipment. 

Versatile application possibilities

The Inspekt solo is a cost-optimised table-top unit of low weight suitable for tensile, compression and bending tests on various materials. Material characteristics of wires, foams, elastomers, plastics, paper, cardboard, textiles, foodstuffs can be determined either in simple standard tests or in customer-specific tests.The versatile universal testing machine is also used in component testing, including cyclic testing of electronic components such as plugs and switches as well as medical products such as syringes. The test software LabMaster enables a fast and reliable evaluation of the results.

History of inspekt mini

The versatile predecessor machine inspekt mini was produced in Nossen for almost two decades. During this time, it was delivered particularly often to producers in the plastics, textile, automotive, medical technology and solar industries. Deliveries to the Austrian manufacturer of a sausage slicing machine, but also to producers of hygiene articles such as diapers or tampons, will be remembered. In the automotive industry it was used, among other things, for tests on airbag blasting tablets or supplemented with a semi-automatic testing system for the testing of airbag pins.


Safe test results: