Reinforcing steel safely tested

Concrete plants opt for Hegewald & Peschke testing technology

Testing machine Inspekt 400kN with lateral test room 150kN

Concrete is a versatile building material that can withstand high compressive loads. If, on the other hand, it also has to withstand tensile and bending forces, reinforcement with concrete steel is required. Rekers Betonwerke GmbH & Co KG has acquired a testing system from Hegewald & Peschke for testing this reinforcing steel.

The test system includes a universal testing machine inspekt with two test rooms: a main test room for test loads up to 400 kN and a lateral test room for test loads up to 200 kN, a 3-point bending device 250/100 DIN 488 as well as a hydraulic clamping device. Both test rooms are equipped with a protective enclosure.

In the main test room tensile tests are carried out on flat and round metal and reinforcing steel specimens as well as shear tests on welded reinforcing steel meshes. With the 3-point bending device in the lateral test room, the so-called reverse bending test according to DIN 488 is to be carried out. This serves to prove the bending capability. The specimens must be bent at a minimum angle of 90° and then bent back by at least 20°. The specimen shall not show any fracture or cracking after the bending test.

The Rekers Betonwerk GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized family business in the concrete and precast industry. With four production sites, the company from the Emsland region is active in the fields of precast concrete parts, precast concrete garages, angle retaining walls as well as concrete goods for road construction, gardening and landscaping.


Safe test results: