Quality control of furniture products

Dutch furniture manufacturer VDS Culembourg tests with Hegewald & Peschke

Test bench for chair tipping tests

Furniture and furnishings must meet high standards of safety, reliability, resilience and durability. In order to ensure these product properties, there are numerous national and international standards. In the highly competitive furniture market, certified products have clear advantages.

Furniture manufacturers ideally test their products in-house before they are given to a certification body. 

Manufacturers of furniture and furniture components also maintain in-house testing laboratories for quality assurance and to shorten development cycles considerably. Finally, Hegewald & Peschke test systems can be used to perform and document standard-compliant and customer-specific test sequences. The systems operate with a control loop for precisely reproducible test conditions and can be equipped with force and displacement sensors. This combination enables the recording of hysteresis curves and allows the determination of aging effects. Based on this knowledge, materials and/or design can be optimized and the product quality and costs of the product can be improved.

For these purposes Hegewald & Peschke was allowed to equip the test laboratory of the Dutch company VDS Culembourg. VDS Culembourg has been developing and producing furnishing products for the furniture industry since 1946. Among other things, the first Hegewald & Peschke furniture test bed was delivered to the Netherlands. 

Thanks to the extensive equipment, this test facility can be used to solve numerous different testing tasks. VDS Culembourg now has a universal test bench for tables and chairs with 4 test axles and a Calmar Pro control system for carrying out tests on safety, stability and suitability for use, as well as a test bench for tipping tests on chairs in accordance with DIN 68878/1 with Calmar One control system. In addition,

  • a test bench for determining the stability according to EN1022, 
  • a testing device for sleeper tests, floor friction and vibration tests, 
  • a portal for drop tests according to EN1728 and BIFMA X5.1,
  • a drop test device for chair tests according to ISO 7173 and BS 5459 as well as
  • the necessary accessories for pendulum impact and horizontal impact tests according to EN13150 and BS4875-8 were delivered.

Safe test results: