Plug connections safely tested

Manufacturer of industrial plugs and sockets relies on testing technology from Hegewald & Peschke

Prüfmaschine Kreuzlaser

PC Electric is a manufacturer of CEE industrial connectors and distributors. The headquarters of the company, founded in 1973, is St. Martin in Austria. Here the entire range of CEE plugs and couplings is manufactured and exported worldwide. The company also has locations in Germany, Poland and Sri Lanka. 

For the Austrian headquarters, PC Electric has purchased a universal testing machine of the inspekt table blue 5 kN type with T-slot plate and cross line laser for sample center marking. 

On the one hand, plastic samples are tested for tensile stress - this takes place during production as part of quality assurance - and on the other hand, plug-socket connections are cyclically tested for required forces.

The cross laser is used for exact sample positioning. The two-beam laser projects a laser beam onto the desired sample. In this case, the laser was preset to the center of the sample at the customer's request. The laser can be freely positioned by means of a 3D articulated arm. Thus a high degree of flexibility is given despite the presetting.

The laser can also be used with a safety door. 


Safe test results: