Metal tensile test on rolled aluminium products according to GDA/VDA

Auswertung Aluminiumzugversuch nach VDA in LabMaster

Vertikale Anisotropie im Diagramm

Hegewald & Peschke has repeatedly demonstrated that the requirements of the GDA/VDA "Measuring Methods" working group regarding the performance of tensile tests on rolled aluminium products for automotive applications can be implemented with the testing software LabMaster.  

The test sequence according to ISO6892-1 can be specified via the LabMaster block program taking into account the preload/pre-tension. The block program belongs to the standard scope of LabMaster and works event-controlled. The speed ranges are defined for the respective test method using specimen data fields. 

The evaluation of technical parameters, for example elastic lines, plastic strain and total strain, tensile strength, plastic extensometer strain at maximum force, elongation at break, hardening exponent according to DIN EN ISO 10275 (n-value), vertical anisotropy according to DIN EN ISO 10113 (r-value) are part of LabMaster's standard scope of supply. The validation of the test software according to ISO 6892-1/TENSTAND and the plausibility check of the strain measurement after the test are also part of the portfolio of the test software.



Safe test results: