Hegewald & Peschke produces its largest furniture testing facility

Static, dynamic, standard-compliant testing on tables and endurance tests on table extension systems and mechanisms

"Furniture test rig" "EN 1153" "EN 1728" "EN 12221" "EN 12227"

Test rig for furniture and component testing (1.) Vertical static load 2.) Horizontal shock test 3.) Testing of pull-out systems)

Hegewald & Peschke has manufactured and delivered its largest furniture testing facility to date. Tables, in particular extendable tables, are tested with it. The test stand was commissioned by Pöttker GmbH in Lippstadt. 

The test field has a size of 4.8 m x 2.4 m. In addition to two pneumatic test cylinders, it has an electromechanical linear module with 1.7 m stroke. Tests are carried out both with load action from above, cyclic displacement tests with alternating horizontal load and cyclic actuation of the pull-out. The test sequences are conveniently set up, evaluated and logged using the block program of the CalMaster test software.

The equipment is supplemented by the so-called pendulum impact test, in which the vibration behavior of the table is evaluated. The vibration duration and damping constants are determined on the basis of the deflection of the impact hammer and as a result of the test specimen. The test system works according to the current standards, including EN 581, EN 716, EN 1130, EN 1153, EN 1728 , EN 12221, EN 12227, EN 12727, ENV1178.

Pöttker GmbH develops and produces techniques for table pull-outs, from simple, standardised table pull-outs to sophisticated, efficient table pull-outs.


Safe test results: