Future materials testers get a taste of practical experience

Vocational school centre visiting Hegewald & Peschke

During a one-day internship on 10 January 2018, prospective materials testers at the "Julius Weisbach" vocational school centre in Freiberg had the opportunity to learn about testing methods such as tensile testing and hardness testing. The internship has been held annually since 2013 at Hegewald und Peschke Meß- und Prüftechnik GmbH.

The practical training and preparation for the intermediate examination were the main focus of this internship. The future materials testers went through several stations. In the in-house application laboratory of Hegewald & Peschke, the vocational school students were able to carry out tensile tests on three different universal testing machines with 10 kN, 50 kN and 100 kN. The students were able to test the hardness of metallic and ceramic samples using the DiaTestor 2RC, HP 250 and a mobile hardness tester. The students were able to consolidate their knowledge of the various methods of hardness testing used by Vickers, Rockwell and Brinell. 

The aim of the internship is to enable vocational students to get to know the influences of different materials, the possible sample forms and the corresponding clamps as well as experiments with and without extensometers. In addition, the prospective material testers were introduced to working with corresponding testing standards and the composition of their own test sequence.


Safe test results: