Fireworks technology for the automotive industry

Hegewald & Peschke equips supplier with testing machine

Prüfmaschine zur Prüfung von Sprengtabletten

Inspekt mini 3kN mit Arbeitsschutzvisier

Pyrotechnic gas generators ensure that the airbag fills with gas within a very short time in the event of a car accident. Such a generator consists of an ignition unit and solid fuel. Small explosive tablets are usually used for solid fuel. The production of these explosive tablets is the main business area of SF Automotive GmbH & Co KG in Freiberg. It supplies the Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata, which supplies all major automobile groups.

For testing these airbag blasting tablets Hegewald & Peschke has now delivered a universal testing machine type Inspekt mini 3kN with pressure plates and industrial safety visor to SF Automotive. The blasting tablets are tested standing inerted. Through inertisation, i.e. the addition of certain inert gases that displace reactive or explosive gases, there is no risk of explosion. The attached protective visor is designed to protect the tablets from spalling. 

SF Automotive GmbH & Co KG specialises in the manufacture and sale of pyrotechnic products for special technical applications. It is a subsidiary of Weco Pyrotechnische Fabrik GmbH, Europe's largest fireworks manufacturer.



Safe test results: