Successful TENSTAND test

For some time now, the data from material testing is computer controlled and processed. As inaccuracies during the data output cannot be excluded, tensile testing software is evaluated with TENSTAND in order to achieve a high level of quality assurance. It is tested if the tensile testing software is correctly parameterized, especially for carrying out metal tensile tests.

Recently, the new LabMaster version has been validated with TENSTAND. All results were within the permitted range. The test was performed in the LabMaster simulation mode. The data is read in and performs like a testing machine. In this way the complete test procedure can be checked.

During the test, the online calculation is controlled as well,  which is a big advantage. This function is needed, e.g. for the switch over points during metal tensile testing in compliance with DIN EN ISO 6892-1. Furthermore, the results can be used for the calculation with other standards. The LabMaster software is tested regularly with TENSTAND within the review process. 


Safe test results: