New LabMaster version

Email transmission from LabMaster

Apart from the revision and the adaption of the user interface to modern operating concepts, several features have been added or advanced in the new LabMaster version. Those new features may contribute to increasing operating comfort and the range of applications of the software.

A mailing system has been implemented, which sends emails automatically if needed, e.g. in order to inform about tolerance violations, the end or the interruption of a test or to show key points in the program execution. This may help the user to carry out tests – in particular, in the case of long term tests or tests with unknown duration.

Furthermore, the LabMaster multiple workplace system has been improved. In particular in the fields of administration, the user tools have been simplified, in order to allow working in a comfortable way in the networked version without special IT skills.

The interfaces to measuring devices like amplifiers, temperature displays, moisture sensor systems etc. have been advanced as well. In addition to the measured values recorded directly by the testing machine, it is possible to record values of other available systems at the same time, e.g. of HBM, National Instruments, Agilent etc. The range of the supported products is constantly expanded.


Safe test results: