Universal modular system for measuring devices

1D-Messvorrichtung leicht mit variablen Messlängen

The Hegewald & Peschke Meß- und Prüftechnik GmbH has revised its portfolio of measuring devices and optimised it especially relating to the flexibility and economic efficiency.

The line "8" of the measuring device 1D "light" conduces to the easy and secure linear length measurement on long, narrow work pieces and half-finished products in the production environment, above all when a slide gauge is too short and a measuring tape is too inexact.

 Essential characteristics

  •       Light, cost-efficient construction method using high-quality components by deliberately renouncing not immediately required things
  •       High-quality, robust measuring system by Magnescale ®
  •     Exact and smooth linear guidance
  •    Universal modular system – the equipment can be compiled individually
  •    Long-lasting and robust - proved itself in the rough industrial environment, used by well-known customers for many years

    Safe test results: