New universal testing machine for the testing institute of SIGMA KARLSRUHE GmbH

Universal testing machine Inspekt 250kN

For the testing of components from civil engineering and staging the SIGMA KARLSRUHE GmbH has expanded its test lab by a universal testing machine Inspekt 250kN with extensive accessories.

The enterprise investigates among other things new building materials, construction elements and construction methods. From the knowledge won within the scope of the material testing, statements to the usability as well as hints for the utilisation are derived.The load-carrying capacity of building constructions is thereby determined considerably.

The universal testing machine is equipped with wedge type grips for the realisation of tensile tests on metals. Furthermore compression plates can be adapted through insertions for compression tests on different building materials. The measuring of the lateral and linear expansion at tensile tests is carried out by a video extensometer. The contactless working deformation measurement device is based on high-resolution video technology and can be used up to the fracture of a specimen without danger of a damage.


Safe test results: