Universal testing machine delivered to Siemens AG Austria in Vienna

[Translate to englisch:] Universalprüfmaschine für Metallzugversuche

Universal testing machine inspekt 250kN for pressure and tensile tests on metallic materials

Last month Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH delivered a universal testing machine of the type inspekt 250kN to Siemens AG Austria in Vienna.

The machine shall be employed as material testing machine for compression and tensile tests on standardised samples where only metallic materials will be tested.
The universal testing machine features a large T-groove plate (580 x 1300 mm) for clamping large components. In addition, the scope of delivery includes wedge bolt holding fixtures for tensile tests, pressure plates for compression tests, sample clamping plates from M10 to M30 for thread tests and also adapters for coupling the holding fixtures.

The movable air cushion pallet on the T-groove plate represents a special feature. It allows moving the approx. 45 kg holding fixtures away from the test chamber without the need for dismantling them. This facilitates changes between the test types.


Safe test results: