Testing Machine delivered to TÜV Cologne for the standard-conforming testing of protective gloves

Universal testing machine for the testing of protective gloves

Last month, Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH delivered a Universal Testing Machine to the technical inspection agency TÜV Cologne. The testing machine of the type inspekt table blue 5 kN is equipped with a puncturing device for the standard-conforming testing of protective gloves. Tests according to DIN EN 374-4 (protective gloves against chemicals and micro-organisms, Part 4) and EN 388 (protective gloves against mechanical risks) are planned.

The test sequence provides for the measurement of the altered puncture resistance of gloves after they have been exposed to a liquid test chemical for a certain time. Glove sections ( 20 mm) that were not first exposed to the aggressive chemical are first tested. In a second pass, glove sections having first been exposed to the chemical are tested. Gloves from natural and synthetic polymer are tested.


Safe test results: