High capacity universal testing machines Inspekt from 400kN to 1500kN

3 high load universal testing machines under construction

High capacity universal testing machines must satisfy most challenging demands in terms of measurement accuracy, speed range and versatility.

The novel design established by Hegewald & Peschke enables the high capacity machine series to perform special testing jobs in industry and research. Oversized components and high-strength materials can be tested due to the extremely sturdy construction. In consequence of the wide measurement range also smaller specimen can be issued to the high capacity testing machines. The electromechanical drive consisting of an infinitely variable AC high precision motor and the highly accurate load transmission via ball screw spindles with backlash-free adjusted spindle nuts allows an excellent control dynamic and reduced noise emission. Absolutely reproducible testing results can be generated even at smallest testing speeds.

All load frames can be delivered variable in geometry to ensure that also oversized components and special specimen can be tested investigating temperature and media influences. In that context not only the height but also width and depth as well as several lateral test rooms can be realized.


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