Delivery to ThyssenKrupp Presta AG Liechtenstein

Universal testing machine inspekt 300kN

In September 2014, the company Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH will deliver a universal testing machine 300kN -1 for material testings with a wide variety of requirements to the ThyssenKrupp Presta AG in Eschen (Liechtenstein). The main purpose of the machine is the performance of tests on metallic materials with a great number of characteristics and alloys. The testing machine is equipped with a lateral test room, in which a bending bench for performing 3-point and 1-point bending test is mounted. Thanks to the lateral test room, the conversion effort is considerably reduced, compared to a testing machine with only one test room. In the main test room of the machine, tensile and compressive tests are performed. The path data are thereby recorded by a video extensometer. Thanks to the contactless recording of the path data, it is also possible to perform tests in a temperature range between -70 °C and +300 °C. With the system delivered by Hegewald & Peschke GmbH, a company-internal material database on the characteristics of material properties and defined processing states is to be set up.


Safe test results: