News in hardness testing - automatic part recognition at fully automated hardness testing

With the automatic part recognition the handling of the Hegewald & Peschke hardness testers at fully automatic use is simplified considerably. The option is integrated into the hardness testing software HardWin XL. When checking a specimen type for the first time the dimensions of the specimen are scanned and stored. For this specimen type a scheme of indentations for the measuring of the hardness spreading can be saved. At the scanning of further specimens of this type the part is recognized and the new position is retrieved exactly. The stored test procedure is recalled and applied to the new specimen. Thereby the elaborate specimen justification at the setting is omitted and a lot of time can be saved during the mounting of the specimens. The option is available for all basic hardness testers of Hegewald & Peschke –from small load hardness testers up to the 3 t universal hardness tester.


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