Development of a portal hardness testing device for large components

Portal hardness testing device for the Rockwell hardness testing

For the Rockwell hardness testing at large and heavy components a hardness testing device in portal construction has been developed at Hegewald & Peschke. Thereby hardness values can be determined based on the Rockwell method HRC according to DIN EN ISO 6508. The machine frame is designed as a portal with a clear width of 1360 mm and an overhead clearance of 1000 mm above a ball caster table so that components with an overall width up to approx. 1350 mm and a height of 900 mm can be crossed and checked.

The construction of the device offers several degrees of freedom to carry out hardness tests at components. First of all a component can simply and securely be moved over the ball caster table itself on a metal plate. Furthermore both the portal construction and the mounted probe can be positioned separately. The portal is simply moved by hand laterally (X direction) and can be fixed at desired test position. The movement of the probe in the depth (Y direction) can be fixed likewise. The drive of this axis as well as the height adjustment (Z direction) is carried out by a handwheel. The portal hardness tester provides uncomplicated handling and a high degree of flexibility in the positioning of the probe towards the component in X, Y and Z direction, allowing a hardness testing at an area almost anywhere and also height differences in the contour are hardly obstacles.

The construction was bought by the Härterei Reese Chemnitz GmbH & Co. KG. The enterprise is a specialist in the heat treatment of components and offers all around service starting at a detailed consulting regarding hardness technology, continuing with the heat treatment and the documentation of the hardness test data and the final delivering service. The determination of the hardness parameters is of special importance at the heat treatment since this process influences the quality and longevity of a component substantially.


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