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Modernization of furniture testing technology and component testing technology with CalMaster testing software

Modernization of test fields for furniture and component testing with Calmar pro

Sustainable modernization with complex control system and CalMaster testing software

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Prüfung von elektrischen Bauteilen

Testing of charging technology for electromobility

Testing systems for electrical components delivered to globally operating company in electrical engineering

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Modernisation and retrofitting of testing machines

Modernisation of testing machines

With the modernisation packages from Hegewald & Peschke, testing machines can be upgraded to the latest state of the technology, independent of the manufacturer.

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Testing machine with 2 test rooms for tensile tests and bending tests

One testing machine - Two test rooms

Modern testing room concept for large load testing machines

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Hardness test on crankshafts

Testing of crankshafts with the Rockwell hardness tester from Hegewald & Peschke

Third crankshaft hardness tester starts operation at a global company

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Testing machines for high temperature metal tensile tests

High temperature test system for metal tensile tests

Central laboratory Siegerland Braun & Co. tests with Hegewald & Peschke

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Length measuring device for batteries

Length measurement on electrode materials for innovative batteries

Hegewald & Peschke supplies length measuring device to energy technology company Innolith

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Glass bending test according to DIN EN ISO 1288-3 and punch method according to ISO 614

Seven at one stroke - H&P builds glass bending testing machines for all European production sites of Guardian Glass

The 10 kN glass testing machines were specially developed for glass bending tests according to DIN EN ISO 1288-3 and punch method according to ISO 614.

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Tensile testing machine inspekt 1500 kN

Tensile testing on steel pipes with universal testing machines of the inspekt series

Test systems for tensile tests on pipe and pipe strip specimens

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High-capacity universal testing machine

High capacity universal testing machines

Variability in design and application

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